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"Giuseppe Testoni" Library - Department of Management

The Department Library was established in 1983 from the merger of the libraries from the ex-Institutes of Economics and Accounting, and the subsequent incorporation of the Library of the ex-Institute of Merceology.

The library currently includes 42,700 books, 8,000 on open shelves, 491 periodicals, 203 of which are current. The library also has a large collection of information materials (company financials, business cases and research papers) and access to specialist databases in management subjects.

Library services
Information on key services provided.

To search for books, journals and articles in national and international catalogues.

Digital collections
Access to ejournals, balances, financial and statistical data.

Bodies and staff
Management bodies, collections advisors and library staff.


Italian Union Catalogue of Serials
To search for journals and e-journals.
Sebina OPAC
Bologna library system catalogue.
Information Literacy
The Library runs instruction programs on bibliographic research strategies, catalogues and electronic resources.


Department of Management Library

Piazza Scaravilli, 1

40126 - Bologna - Italy

tel: +39.051.2098094

tel: +39.051.2098092

tel: +39.051.2098052

Monday, tuesday, thursday: 8.45-17.45,
Wednesday: 8.45-17.30,
friday: 8.45 - 14°°