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Single Sheet of Department's Research (SUA-RD)

SUA-RD is part of the national system of self-assessment, validation (AVA) and serves the University as preparation for the periodic external assessment and validation

The SUA-RD (Scheda Unica della Ricerca Dipartimentale) shows the organizational structure and quality policy of the Department, and based on empirical indicators represents the instrument that lets Departments and Universities think on their own strategic programming related to research.

The information in the SUA-RD give a picture to students, families, companies and public institution of the existent competencies within Departments and about their research activities as well.


SUA-RD Campaign 2018:

The DiSA Department updated the documents related to the quality assurance system

Organizational Structure - DiSA (Quadro B1)

- Research Groups - DiSA (Quadro B1b)

Quality Policy - DiSA (Quadro B2)

SUA-RD 2014-2016:

Pianification of short and long term objectives (Quadro A1)

Organizational Structure of the Department (Quadro B1)

Research Groups (Quadro B1b)

Quality Assurance Policy (Quadro B2)


SUA-RD 2011-2013:

Quality Policy of the Department

Obiettivi Reserach Objectives of the Department