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PhD Candidates

The PhD Candidates in Management
Aliasghar Bahoo Torodi Innovation and entrepreneurship XXX Cycle
Andrea Carlo Lo Verso Inter-organizational network dynamics XXX Cycle
Federica Vecchioni Social media marketing, mobile marketing, and choice models XXX Cycle
Giovanni Cardillo Systemic Risk, Corporate Governance and Banking Strategies XXX Cycle
Rakesh Yadav Corporate governance with focus on executive compensation XXX Cycle
Azzurra Meoli Entrepreneurship, Opportunity Identification and Exploitation, Entrepreneurial Identities XXIX Cycle
Denise Falchetti Creativity – Business Idea Evaluation; Entrepreneurship; Business model – Sharing Economy XXIX Cycle
Angelo Tommaselli New venture performance and financing; reputational signals XXVIII Cycle
Marco Cecchini Behavioral Finance XXVIII Cycle
Giovanni Formilan Social Construction of Identity in Creative Fields; Categorization Theory, Network Embeddedness, Recognition Processes XXVIII
Kapila Saini The performance analysis of the patent based spin-offs XXVII Cycle