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Track in Banking and Finance

Ph.D. in General Management – Track in Banking and Finance

The Track in Banking and Finance of the PhD in General Management of the University of Bologna aims to develop strong skills in research in banking and finance.

The main research topics addressed by the track are the followings: Economics and management of financial intermediaries; Economics of financial markets; Economics and development of financial systems; Financial management of business portfolios; Management of insurance, financial and credit risk. It includes classes and seminars, which are intended both as individual deepening and as opportunities for confrontations with colleagues.    

The track is structured into a group of seminars and mandatory courses and a group of activities to be chosen by the student for gaining specific knowledge in quantitative disciplines.

This track includes the following courses offered by the Department of Management.

Core courses common to both tracks



Crash course in statistics


Research Methods: Introduction


Strategic Management




Core courses designed for this track 



Foundations of Banking

Advanced topics in liquidity management in the post crisis era 1

Corporate Finance I


Corporate Finance II


Private Equity


Three additional elective courses will be selected from other Ph.D. and MSc programs of the University of Bologna or from Summer Schools offered by our University or other universities.

In addition to such compulsory courses, students will be required to attend several seminars held by internationally renowned scholars. At the end of the third semester, Ph.D. students should present and discuss a doctoral dissertation proposal describing the objectives, theoretical background and research design of their dissertation work. The enrolment in the third year of the program is conditional on the approval of the research proposal by the doctoral committee. The third and fourth years of the program are devoted to preparation and writing of the doctoral thesis.


Chiara Orsingher

Professoressa associata confermata

Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali

Via Capo di Lucca 34

Bologna (BO)

tel: +39 051 20 9 8061

fax: +39 051 237265